Welcome to South Conference Women In Ministry

As the South Conference Coordinator I am excited about Women In Ministry. God has called us for such a time like this to embrace the value of family, to enhance the mission of the church in expanding the presence of women in our church, and certainly to stay in the divine will and purpose of God. 

I encourage your hearts to stay focus on the promise, he will never leave you or forsake you, he shall provide for you because you have been faithful with little, he is the giver of much more. We are on a journey and God is the guide. Where he lead us we will follow, knowing this; that he will provide according to his riches in glory. His provisions are unstoppable, his provisions are good and everlasting. They may not come when you desire but they are never late, always on time.  

"For the things I do not know, I will remain silent. For the things which God has revealed to me, I will teach others."

Rev. Patricia Smith Wallace, MDIV. 

South Conference W,I,M,  ® 1381 Main Street ,Pahokee,FL 33476
Tel: 561-261-6220
E-mail: scwimame@gmail.com